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Lopez Island Shellfish Farm & Hatchery
Locally Grown Shellfish
Our Shellfish farm is located on the North end of Lopez Island and features a 3-acre tidal lagoon with a freshwater spring and 3 acres of tidelands on Shoal Bay. Located on a warm protected bay, our Shellfish benefit from a unique combination of being exceptionally well-fed and sheltered, where twice a day clean, cold water from the Straits and Pacific Ocean flush across the beach and into the lagoon. This results in fat, sweet, robust shellfish and a fine, clean flavor usually associated with deep-water suspension growing methods.

All of our oysters begin their lives in the lagoon. European Flat and Olympia Oysters are grown to maturity in the lagoon, while our Pacific oysters are transferred to the beach to grow thicker, harder shells for durability out of the water after harvest. Clams are grown in both the lagoon and on the beach.

Our shellfish are currently sold throughout the county and to some of the most discriminating markets in Seattle. The shellfish farm is the site of an Indian village, and shellfish middens ring the bay. They attest to the duration and sustainability of the shellfish harvest. We are proud to be part of this tradition, and we are extremely proud of the superlative quality of our product.

Fresh Wild King Salmon & Halibut in Season
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Live Dungeness Crab
Manila Clams, Pacific Oysters, and more!
Assorted Smoked Fish

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