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Apr 21, 2021Health Services and Issues: An experimental vaccine cannot be mandated. (By Laurie Lyford)
Other: Being Digitally Responsible (By Dean Hoshizaki) - 1 comment
Apr 19, 2021Health Services and Issues: San Juan County Covid Deaths (By Laurie Lyford on Apr 12, 2021) - 8 comments
Apr 14, 2021Parks and Recreation: Is the beach at Pt. Colville private or BLM? (By Jeffrey Huntington on Apr 1, 2021) - 3 comments
Mar 21, 2021Environment and Preservation: Noise and health (By Mike Colyar)
Mar 19, 2021Environment and Preservation: Rescue tug stationed in islands is best bet to avoid oil spills in San Juan - Gulf waters, study says (By Mike Sato on Mar 14, 2021) - 7 comments
Mar 15, 2021Other: business worker who refuses to wear mask (*Closed for new comments*) - 1 comment
Mar 10, 2021Health Services and Issues: Accuracy of COVID PCR tests (By Laurie Lyford) - 1 comment
Mar 6, 2021Electrical and Communication Services: Starlink, WA State and us: Very exciting (By Dean Hoshizaki on Oct 12, 2020) - 26 comments
Mar 3, 2021Health Services and Issues: Show Respect? (*Removed*)
Extremism and Racism: Racism on Lopez (*Closed for new comments*)
Feb 28, 2021Health Services and Issues: Poor business owners (By Ben, Jenn June & Nico Greenberg) - 2 comments
Feb 25, 2021Health Services and Issues: "Covid-19 is not a big deal" says someone. (By Dean Hoshizaki on Feb 24, 2021) - 1 comment
Feb 16, 2021School System: Two Tales (*Removed*)
Feb 12, 2021School System: LIPTSA Levy Lid Relief Letter Writing Campaign Request (By Lopez Island PTSA)
Jan 30, 2021Parks and Recreation: Unleashed dogs on public trails not OK (By Jeffrey Huntington on Sep 24, 2020) - 24 comments
Jan 11, 2021School System: San Juan school districts face big budget shortfalls due to levy cap (By Mike Sato on Jan 8, 2021) - 1 comment
Nov 24, 2020Health Services and Issues: Covid concern. Don't be polite when rude actions are called for. (By Gary Vaughn on Nov 16, 2020) - 35 comments