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Sep 27, 2020Parks and Recreation: Unleashed dogs on public trails not OK (By Jeffrey Huntington on Sep 24, 2020) - 8 comments
Sep 10, 2020Tourism: 6 Lopezians or 1 mainlander (By Dean Hoshizaki) - 1 comment
Sep 1, 2020Environment and Preservation: Visitor Impacts on Iceberg Point (By Madrona Murphy)
Aug 30, 2020Environment and Preservation: Join the San Juan Islands National Monument's MAC virtual meeting August 27th (By Sally Reeve on Aug 23, 2020) - 2 comments
Aug 26, 2020Transportation Services: What is going on with the ferry? (By Laura Matthews on Aug 6, 2020) - 17 comments
Aug 23, 2020Environment and Preservation: Last chance to submit your comments to Advisory Committee before Plan adopted? (By Sally Reeve)
Aug 4, 2020School System: Please Vote Yes for School Technology (By Jesse Hammond on Jul 16, 2020) - 39 comments
Aug 3, 2020Environment and Preservation: Land Bank (By Ron Whalen on May 15, 2020) - 21 comments
Aug 2, 2020Tourism: Is everybody HAPPY now that tourists are back? (By Russel Barsh on Jul 26, 2020) - 9 comments
Jul 22, 2020School System: LISD Technology Levy Renewal, LIPTSA Endorsement Statement (By Lopez Island PTSA)
Jul 16, 2020Extremism and Racism: Fascists on S J I? (By Ronald Kessler on Jul 12, 2020) - 8 comments
Extremism and Racism: Racism on Lopez (By Eden Rose on Jul 1, 2020) - 91 comments
Jul 14, 2020Elections and Referendums: Endorsements of San Juan Democrats (By David Turnoy)
Jul 9, 2020Extremism and Racism: Signs along Ferry Road in the Village (By Jackie Wolf on Jun 23, 2020) - 14 comments
Jul 8, 2020Other: Islands Weekly advertising mailer (By Barbara Keller)
Jul 7, 2020Tourism: Congrats, Visitors Bureau… your ad campaign went VIRAL! (By Russel Barsh on Jul 6, 2020) - 2 comments
Jun 23, 2020Parks and Recreation: Hummel lake landing (By Benling Wong)