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Jan 27, 2021Other: business worker who refuses to wear mask (By Jack Pedigo on Jan 25, 2021) - 3 comments
Jan 14, 2021Extremism and Racism: Racism on Lopez (By Eden Rose on Jul 1, 2020) - 95 comments
Jan 11, 2021School System: San Juan school districts face big budget shortfalls due to levy cap (By Mike Sato on Jan 8, 2021) - 1 comment
Nov 24, 2020Health Services and Issues: Covid concern. Don't be polite when rude actions are called for. (By Gary Vaughn on Nov 16, 2020) - 35 comments
Nov 20, 2020Electrical and Communication Services: New Hampshire State 5G Commission Report (By Julienne Battalia on Nov 10, 2020) - 17 comments
Nov 12, 2020Other: Please don't spread it around. (By Mike Colyar)
Oct 28, 2020Elections and Referendums: Sign your ballot! Some ballots have been rejected. (By Sue DuMond on Oct 24, 2020) - 7 comments
Oct 26, 2020Elections and Referendums: We have some super candidates (*Deleted*)
Oct 24, 2020Elections and Referendums: Rick Hughes... (By Jacques Tate)
Oct 22, 2020Other: VOTE for 3 - Charter Review Commissioners (By Liz Lafferty on Oct 21, 2020) - 3 comments
Oct 21, 2020Environment and Preservation: Whale Watching public comments: Update from WDFG (By Dean Hoshizaki)
Oct 18, 2020Electrical and Communication Services: Starlink, WA State and us: Very exciting (By Dean Hoshizaki on Oct 12, 2020) - 9 comments
Oct 14, 2020Elections and Referendums: Rick Hughes for County Council (By Rick Hughes)
Elections and Referendums: Say no to road signs (*Deleted*)
Oct 11, 2020Parks and Recreation: Unleashed dogs on public trails not OK (By Jeffrey Huntington on Sep 24, 2020) - 23 comments
Oct 10, 2020Tourism: 6 Lopezians or 1 mainlander (By Dean Hoshizaki on Sep 10, 2020) - 1 comment
Oct 5, 2020Elections and Referendums: Eight Orcas Women for Ryan Palmateer (By Janet Alderton)
Elections and Referendums: Ryan Palmateer for County Council (*Deleted*)