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Victory Garden 2020
This page is sponsored by The Lopez Island Garden Club which in these times would like to encourage the Lopez community to grow a 2020 version of a Victory Garden. and use this section to exchange information and materials.

A document (PDF) with links to additional information resources is available and may be viewed or download here.

You may also contact the Garden Club by email: lopezgardenclub@gmail.com
Sep 21, 2020Stories: Midnight's Farm Thank You (By Pat Kuentzel)
Sep 19, 2020Questions & Answers: What have you made with Blackberries? (By Juliene Gschwend on Aug 22, 2020) - 4 comments
Sep 10, 2020Wanted: Canning jars (By Lea Ann Rolla)
Aug 3, 2020Stories: Recipes for Produce when it's coming out your ears (By Juliene Gschwend)
Questions & Answers: Growing Potatoes in Containers (By Tom Bowden on May 4, 2020) - 1 comment
Jul 22, 2020Questions & Answers: Seedling damage? (By Scott Case)
Jul 1, 2020Stories: Mahonia/ Oregon Grape uses/ Foraging (By Juliene Gschwend on Jun 28, 2020) - 1 comment
May 30, 2020Questions & Answers: Master Gardener Plant Diagnostic Clinics (By Pat Kuentzel)
Questions & Answers: DIY Garden Markers (By Juliene Gschwend on May 5, 2020) - 1 comment
May 23, 2020Offered: Grow-A-Row Drop Off and Pick Up Through October (By Marney Reynolds)
May 13, 2020Offered: Free Seeds from Uprising Seeds (By Tom Bowden)
May 10, 2020Offered: Free Starts (By Pat Meacham)
May 7, 2020Offered: Produce (By Carl Chevara)
May 2, 2020Offered: Plant Sale-last Day One Day Only May Second (By Danah Feldman)
The Grapevine: Seed Shortages (By Tom Bowden on Apr 16, 2020) - 5 comments
Apr 28, 2020Offered: Dahlia tubers $2 each (By Shannon Sternberg)
Apr 23, 2020Wanted: Asparagus (By Arielle Ott)
Apr 19, 2020Offered: Looking for interested people that want to grow a garden (By Matthew Murray)
Apr 17, 2020Offered: Free Victory Garden Training Program (By Kate Mikulak)