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Started by Janet Alderton
Orcas Island
Sep 4, 2021
Misleading Article on VR Caps in The Orcasonian
Sep 4, 2021
This article:


labels the recommended caps on short-term vacation rentals adopted by a unanimous vote of our Planning Commissioners as "arbitrary".

These numbers are the opposite of arbitrary.
The numbers come from a spreadsheet from San Juan County's own Department of Community Department that had to be ferreted out with a public records request for their most up-to -date data on "compliant" and "active" short-term vacation rental permits by island.

The origin of the earlier cap numbers that were suggested to our County Councilors when they were considering the latest 6-month moratorium on new short-term vacation rentals is unclear.

These earlier numbers greatly exceed the current compliant and active short-term vacation rentals listed in our county's own Department of Community Department data spreadsheet.

If our County Council adopts "caps" that are significantly higher than the actual active short-term vacation rentals, this vote will signal approval of ever-greater community disruption and suffering compared to the already unacceptable conditions that our islands are experiencing.

Note how each councilor casts their vote -for our community or for narrow special interests.

You will have the opportunity to vote for or against each county councilor when they come up for reelection.

I remind each of you that your vote is your voice.