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Tomato & Other Veggie Starts-danah's Organic Plants Order Now

It's time to ORDER your TOMATO and other VEGGIE starts NOW.

Many items sold out very early last year.....thus, the earlier you make your order. the better chance you have to get the varieties you want.

I Grow my PLANTS ORGANICALLY---I have quite a few old standards, and many unusual varieties.....some of these are my own seeds, and cannot be found elsewhere. ALL my plants are suitable for our particular climate.

Please read over the List, and make your order. I ALWAYS respond back to email orders, so if you do not hear back from me, it means I did not get your order.
If you make your order through Lopezrocks, please INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, as it is hidden, and include a phone contact number.

Word is, we are set for another warmer and drier summer, great for growing all kinds of things in your garden.

Thanks for your interest

cell 360.622.8569

SubjectTomato & Other Veggie Starts-danah's Organic Plants Order Now
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