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Thank you, Lopez, the goal has been reached
Before - the current glass container
Before - the current glass container
After - the new glass container
After - the new glass container

Buy a Junk Bond!

Support the purchase of a new glass container at the dump

The community gears up to obtain a new glass container at Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District's Recycle Center. Staff, volunteers, and citizens have all expressed concern over the possibility of flying shards of glass. Citing these safety issues and compliance with the dump's storm water pollution plan, Facilities Manager, David Zapalac described the new container as having four discrete openings on each side for customers to deposit their glass. The sidewalls are lower than what we now have, so is it easier to pour glass into the container. There is a full lid that can be raised for crushing the glass. Thicker steel and more support structure will help this bin better withstand tamping with the backhoe.

The cost, including taxes and shipping, $12,312.04. The county will contribute $5,000 to the cost. Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District will contribute $3,600. That leaves $3,712 for SWAP to raise.

How can you help? Make a donation and purchase a Junk Bond! The newest junk bond is by Lopez artist, Janet Yang. The bond costs twenty-five dollars and all monies go toward the purchase of the glass dumpster. Smaller donations are of course also welcomed. We will all be relieved when the new glass dumpster is in place!

For more information contact:
Kim Norton