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Interested in turkey hunting access (Hunting, Fishing)
Lopez Island
May 29, 2020
Posted by Kahana Pietsch, Orcas Island


I'm an Orcas-raised kid fresh out of college and back living in the islands full time. I have a wild turkey hunting tag that is still unfilled this season as I failed to get one on my one and only opportunity to go east of the mountains looking for one this month (already had to be over there for other reasons and feel like it would be irresponsible to go out again given the stay at home order); I had accepted this tag would probably go unfilled, but recently heard there’s a fairly sizable flock on Lopez which is, of course, much closer to home for me and seems like excusable travel, especially as our county has entered phase 2 reopening.

I was wondering if any folks on Lopez who have turkeys on their property might be willing to let me hunt before the season ends on the 31st. I do my best to be an ethical and responsible hunter and will respect any rules you ask for hunting on your land and, furthermore, would be happy to trade some produce, lamb sausage, or cow's milk from my family's farm for access.

I understand many in the islands have negative opinions of hunting and I respect these views, but ask that you don't comment them here unless you have something helpful to add to this post. Thank you,