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Face mask and retail spaces (Health and Safety)
Lopez Island
May 26, 2020
Posted by Scott Honeywell, Lopez Island

San Juan County has moved to phase 2 of reopening and a return to a semblance of normality. At the direction of of the CDC, the governor and the San Juan County Health Department it is now required that masks be worn in public spaces ie: retail establishments.
The vast majority understand this. We need to work together. We accept the inconvenience with a smile and make the best of it.
This is what’s needed to get our economy back on stable footing.
Put your political statement on a mask. I’ll see it. Have fun with it.
One looks both ways before crossing the street. Not because it is required. It is prudent to do so. We wear seat belts. Yes it’s the law. It is also prudent.
Wearing a mask is not about you. It is for the protection and safety of the members of your community. I wear a mask for your protection.
In phase two it is not a suggestion. It’s a mandate from health professionals.
Despite this there is a vocal and threatening minority. This group believes it is OK to be rude, indignant and abusive to front line workers. These workers are just trying to do the right thing. Follow the county mandate that masks be worn.
Wether you wear a mask or not is your choice. If you choose not to, then don’t go shopping.
It’s not hard. We are in this together.
Long after we have conquered this pandemic, the actions and reactions of individuals during this time will be reflected upon.


Deleted by Joy Davis: Face mask and retail spaces
Natalie Wilson: Face mask and retail spaces
I just want to add that we take our employees health, our customers heath and the communities health seriously at Just Heavenly Fudge. We welcome you to shop safely at our store.
Natalie Wilson: Face mask and retail spaces
It seems like most people are willing to wear masks inside businesses but since it is a new thing for us sometimes they need a little reminder by the business. This is a San Juan County requirement for all businesses.
If the business employees are.... Read all
Barbara Keller: Face mask and retail spaces
Thank you those who warned me off Sunset. I was just about to go there to buy a bunch of lumber for a project that I now, thanks to COVID, have the time at home for. I will look for other options for my purchases now and long into the future. If they do.... Read all
Joy Davis: Face mask and retail spaces
Regarding face masks, I am compromised due to age and health issues, therefore I wear a mask and distance, because I am not ready to hang it up yet---and IF I know ahead of time that businesses do not value my life, I will not shop there.Quite simple---.... Read all
Kurt Fuller: Face mask and retail spaces
Thank you Scott for bringing attention to this issue. I had the same bad experience as Lea Ann at the same retail establishment. Any business not requiring their employees to wear face masks shows a complete disregard for the health and well being of the.... Read all
Ruth Perkins: Face mask and retail spaces
One of the only things that shouldn't be masked is the vote count. Here's to hoping the ballot box/voting becomes maskless & transparent & uncontrolled by any party❣️
Please stay safe.
Lea Ann Rolla: Face mask and retail spaces
Thank-you so much for your comments. Today, we went to get our propane bottle filled and I decided to ask the management why they were not being positive with the mask requirement. I took some literature which outlined the requirement in detail. I.... Read all
Ruth Perkins: Face mask and retail spaces
Just want to give a big thumbs-up!...regardless of my personal Coronavirus views
Anamo Roloff: Face mask and retail spaces
Thank you Scott!
Laura Matthews: Face mask and retail spaces
Thank you Scott. Agree 100%. Showing your politics best done at the ballot box not by putting front line workers lives at risk.
Christine Kerlin: Face mask and retail spaces
Thank you. I have been in two retail places on Lopez these past four days and both some staff and some customers are not wearing masks. This discourtesy makes me think I should not be shopping there. I want to shop locally, but if such ignorance continues, it is pretty easy for me to purchase online.
Leslie Quenell: Face mask and retail spaces
Bravo, Scott! We totally support you!
Gordon Floodeen: Face mask and retail spaces
We are so grateful for the essential workers who serve us so faithfully on Lopez. Thank you! Wearing a mask when shopping in our wonderful retail stores is truly a sign of honor and respect. It reflects our love and care for our friends and neighbors,.... Read all