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Pathways: Lopez Times of Covid19 (Other)
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May 31, 2020, 8:00pm
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Pathways Sunday 8PM
Lopez Times of Covid19

Dr. Robert Wilson from the UW Medicine Lopez Island Clinic is with us for the first segment. https://www.uwmedicine.org/locations/lopez-island-clinic (360-468-2245) Recorded on May 21, 2020, he shares some of the changes in the way the staff is protecting patients. Hear about the processes the Clinic uses to protect patients and the staff. Hear about the testing that has been done and what tests are available. https://www.lopezislandhd.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/2020_05_01-uw-clinic-info-guide-during-covid.pdf Dr. Wilson gives information on the inflammatory disease, and more. Dr. Bob Wilson offers perspectives that are worth pondering.

More information on care: https://www.lopezislandhd.org/accessing-care-at-uw-medicine-lopez-island-clinic/ Prevention of Covid19 spread: https://www.lopezislandhd.org/covid-19-updates-2/ Special thanks to Dr. Wilson for giving us his time, medical input, and thoughts on these times with Covid19.

The second segment is with Kai Sanburn and Karen Gilbert, recorded on May 12, 2020. They are both nurses on the island and have been tasked by the The Department of Emergency Management and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to prepare for the possibility of providing care to those who are too ill to take care of themselves and need separate and special care on Lopez in case of mainland hospitals being unable to take more patients. Here is the story of that journey along with new information.

Kai Sanburn moved to Lopez in 1995 and worked as a nurse at the Lopez Clinic for 23 years. Nursing combined earlier interests in education and social work and has been a wonderful way to work and live in this community. She retired a couple years ago, shifting her focus to the health and well being of the Salish Sea and the threats posed by climate change.

Karen Gilbert moved to Lopez in 1989, worked as a home health and hospice nurse and has been an organic farmer for decades. She then became a nurse practitioner in oncology, hospice, and palliative care until retiring in 2018. Karen is still am a registered nurse and doing volunteer work now.

Other links mentioned: Family Resource Center, http://lifrc.org/ Lopez Rocks for their resource list on COVID 19 is at lopezrocks.org Information on the Recovers group is given: recovers.org .

This program was recorded via zoom from the guests’ individual homes. Recorded, edited, and produced by Brenda Asterino. Music is “marked” by Alexander Nakarada at freepd.com
This program can be internet streamed from kloi.org at 8PM on this date. Thank you to Dr. Bob Wilson, Kai Sanburn, and Karen Gilbert. Aaron Stephenson and KLOI 102.9 FM.