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September 13, 2018
Posted by Jaina Bee, Lopez Island

I know i'm not the only person on this island who identifies as a person of a minority sex, sexuality &/or gender identity &/or gender expression.

There is little to no public visibility of us folx in this little community, though any Lopezian would probably acknowledge that they know (of) at least one gay person, if not a trans person. (I identify within the trans spectrum, so if you know me, you know a trans person).

I am hoping to co-create and cultivate more community connections, develop peer-based support systems and services, from the practical to the sacred, among folx who also wish for such kinship. I crave this. I need this. Do you have some ideas and inspirations?

If you are interested, feel free to answer here or contact me directly. Let's get together and spread some rainbow sparkles together.

Diversity is strength, Jaina Bee



Jaina Bee: Lgbtqia+ Lopez???

Thanks, Lori´┐Ż"his work and offerings look really amazing.
Lori Taylor: Lgbtqia+ Lopez???

Hi all - Jaina, may I introduce you to my friend - Tien Neo Eamas - the first Asian Transman to publicly transition in Vancouver, B.C. in 2013. He is a magickal wizard, life coach, alchemist, silversmith. Find him on FB or IG or at his website:.... Read all
Jaina Bee: Lgbtqia+ Lopez???

Thank you to all of the fine folx who have approached me to offer support, inspiration and ideas. It seems like there is real interest in cultivating more community and services for LGBTQIA+ members of this island community. I especially have heard a need.... Read all
Jaina Bee: Lgbtqia+ Lopez???

Oh, this is excellent news, Charlotte (and sorry for the misspelling in my other comment). I was wondering if there were a GSA at the school. One school i know of decided to call theirs the "Gender Sex Alliance,' which is an interesting angle to.... Read all
Jaina Bee: Lgbtqia+ Lopez???

It takes all kinds to support a healthy, diverse community. Straight allies who are willing to speak out, as you have, and stand with people of different kinds are valuable members of such a community. Charolette's post, below, speaks of a Gay.... Read all
Brenda Asterino: Lgbtqia+ Lopez???

I don't qualify to attend, but you have my support. Healthy communities are diverse communities.
Charlotte Morgan: Lgbtqia+ Lopez???

Hi Jaina, I am looking into starting a Gay Straight Alliance Club (GSA) in the Lopez School as my senior project in my Career Choices class with Jeanna Carter. It would be great for us to be able to connect and support each other in our efforts to grow.... Read all