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Passport Photo (Other)
Lopez Island
July 9, 2018
Posted by Table Studzienko, Lopez Island

Is there anyone on island that takes them?
I've heard I can get them at Walgreens in Anacortes, but would rather not have to go off island for such a dinky thing.



Table Studzienko: Passport Photo

Thanks folks. My roommate shot one, I edited it and PSR printed. Easy Peasy.
Now I just need to figure out how to delete the thread...
Robert Herrmann: Passport Photo

All you need is a white wall, a digital camera (or iphone, ipad etc...) and the instructions which are available online. They even have a free template for sizing.
Jane Hobbs: Passport Photo

Steve Horn took mine, he knew exactly what was needed to be acceptable.
Toni Petrinovich: Passport Photo

Steve Horn in the Village
David Lawrence: Passport Photo

No one on Lopez does it, that I know of. You can get them taken at Radio Shack in Friday Harbor, if you just wanna walk on the ferry. Easy peasy. You can also turn the photos in with your application, to the passport office in FH, and save a few days of.... Read all