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Trailer hookups or a rental, needed July 1st! (Wanted: Rental, Long Term)
Lopez Island
June 22, 2020
Posted by Scott Wink (Talon Design & Build LLC), Lopez Island

We need a place to setup our 5th wheel camper. It is 34ft long, need solid electric (fully electric) and water. Preferably a septic hookup as well, but I can convert it back to holding tanks if need be (currently everything is plumbed to go straight into a septic and bypass the holding tanks).In temporary housing and need a place at start of July, any leads appreciated!

Also would be interested in a small rental, $600-$800/mo range. Anything that will work for next 6months at the least.

About us:
We are a young couple with our cat Odin and pup Loki, Loki will have a dog run setup. We are quiet and are looking for a place that is also quiet. I have steady work, but can also offer many skills/tools if you need help with projects as well. Can also provide references, we have been trying to find a spot for months and just want to be able to settle in and have some stability without worrying about what we are doing from month to month...
Thanks for reading!