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Core Hero Hard Ciders (Food and Drink)
Lopez Island
September 13, 2019
Posted by Steve Kaiser (Core Hero Hard Cider), Lopez Island

Hard ciders from Core Hero feature apples grown on Lopez Island. Apple cranberry and apple cinnamon hard ciders are available at Blossom Grocery and the Galley Restaurant and Lounge (apple cinnamon only).

I'm a one-person business handcrafting ciders the traditional way and in small batches. I use a blend of apples including varieties originally developed in England that I'm now growing in my expanding orchard.

To preserve the Lopez heritage apple trees, I'm grafting rootstock to scionwood from old orchards to keep them alive for another generation.

I also make the only sorbet in the U.S. created from real hard cider. If you're intrigued by this idea, see if you can talk a local store into stocking sorbet. So far, no one I've talked to is interested in this unique dessert.

Core Hero Cider Guy