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Islander 36 sailboat (Marine)
Lopez Island
September 7, 2019

After decades of service, our beloved "Gulliver" is for sale. We'd be happy to show her to you or give you more information.

Please see the craigslist link for more information and photos.

We'll be on-island until about Sept. 10, when we leave for a week or two boating adventure. Not long after we return we'll be heading south for the winter. While that's a good reason to contact us now, another is this is a great time to get a boat - spend the winter making it everything you want and spend next spring/summer/fall enjoying it.

Starting Tuesday, Sept 10, we'll be off cruising for a week or so. During that time the posting will expire. If Gulliver is still available when we get back (and we have time before we leave for Mexico for the winter), I'll re-post.