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Repairing inflatable dinghy seams? (Marine)
San Juan Islands
August 13, 2019
Posted by Josh Carrigan, Lopez Island

Anyone have experience successfully repairing inflatable dinghy seams?
I have tried the $45 a bottle adhesive at IMC, it blew out, I attempted it a second time, it blew out. I tried the expensive black tape, it blew out.

If you know a method that has worked for you, I'm happy for some advice.



Charlie Hill: Repairing inflatable dinghy seams?

I have experienced this before on an old Danard we had. Ended up cutting a couple long strips of repair cloth. First glue the seam while deflated. Slide something inside so it doesn't stick to the other side of tube. After that glue repair cloth (purchase bulk not a kit) that is about 5 or 6 inches wide and overlaps at least a foot past your separated seam. glue that in place liberally while tube is deflated. Install some weight on top until cured. Go big on your patch because if the seam opens up adjacent to your patch later on you will have to remove the whole patch to effect a new repair effectively.
Worked for us for a year. Then a seam opened up on other side of boat so we bought a new RIB.

We still have that new RIB, though we sold the liveaboard sailboat when we moved ashore to Lopez a couple years ago. I would be willing to sell the RIB if you need a newer one. Charliehill5@hotmail.com
Charlotte Cassaday: Repairing inflatable dinghy seams?

We have used a fellow in Mt.Vernon that has an inflatable repair business, if self repair doesn’t work. 425-345-7539 is his number.