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Small one person rental on private beach. (Offered: Rental, Long Term)
Lopez Island
September 16, 2020
Posted by Jana Allan, Lopez Island

200' feet private pebble beach.
Very small manufactured dwelling with one Queen bedroom, shower, furnished, kitchen, gas cooktop, new refrigerator
on demand Warm water, STRICTLY Non smoking.
Separate dwelling with wooden structure covering.
Same property as our own occupied cabin, which is not part of rental.

ONE parking space for ONE renter.
Quiet guests who do not entertain, warmly invited to apply. Reference necessary.
Walking distance to ferry.
Great cell service.

Availability Oct-Dec
$650 month plus monthly electric deposit to cover the meter cost.

Please Call or leave text/email for photos, more details.

Monthly, ONE person, ONE parking space.
Photos available via email so please provide contact via text or email in your reply.