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Sweet pup looking for new home

Our pup, Poppy, the sweetest dog you could possibly imagine, is looking for a new home with more space to nap and play and sniff flowers. A friendly dog for her to share time with would be a huge plus, but not required.

We're moving back to the city for personal reasons in early August and need to find a new home for her so she can stay where she loves - she's a country girl.

She is a shy and playful rescue dog, about 16 months old, incredibly loyal and gentle, great with cats. (We think she’s a mix of Dutch shepherd and black lab, about 55lbs.). She loves to cuddle.

If you’re looking for a dog and have the space and patience to help her settle into a new home, she will be the best dog you’ve ever had. She’s truly wonderful.

SubjectSweet pup looking for new home
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